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Welcome to the homepage of Lakewood Guitars!


Lakewood Handbook 2016

The new Lakewood Handbook 2016 is there! You will soon find it in your local Lakewood store. If you cannot wait for so long you may also be wanting to have a look in the PDF version of this reference book...

M-35 CP & D-35 CP

Our new surprise guitar models of the year! Built from French oak, a true revelation in terms of looks and sound! Learn more about them here...

The Customshop

The Lakewood Customshop offers exciting prospects for all guitarists that are looking for something very special. While we employ eminent woods and realize peculiar model features, you feel closer to your dream guitar than you might have expected...

Guitar registration

Register your guitar today. You can subscribe to our newsletter and write a comment on your instrument.

Lakewood Film

This Lakewood movie presents our company Lakewood Guitars and the people who work here. We talk about our approach, what drives us and why we make our guitars the way we do. Learn more about our philosophy and get to know our secrets. Meet the Lakewood Team and listen to what they think about work, the musicians and their daily guitar making job.

UK retailers

Have a look at our network of high profile guitar retailers in the UK! The place where you're in good hands.

Did you know...

that some of our dealers already hold exciting Customshop guitars ready for you in their stores? There's treasures to discover and our web site provides the right tool for it. We have a page where you can search for guitars by certain criteria, like i.e. a particular kind of wood or a certain neck width.
Click on this box to learn more about it.