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Welcome to the homepage of Lakewood Guitars!


New Edition Series 2020

Here we go again - a new Edition Series with 8 exciting guitar models that we will only build this year. Find out what the new Edition Series 2020 has to offer ...

Did you know...

that some of our dealers already hold exciting Customshop guitars ready for you in their stores? There's treasures to discover and our web site provides the right tool for it. We have a page where you can search for guitars by certain criteria, like i.e. a particular kind of wood or a certain neck width.
Click on this box to learn more about it.

7 Reasons...

to purchase a Lakewood! - You need some powerful arguments to get your own Lakewood guitar? So, read on here, this may help you making your decision.

Guitar registration

Register your guitar today. You can subscribe to our newsletter and write a comment on your instrument.

New C shape in the Guitar Designer

After successfully introducing the new small size Concert body shape last year, this shape can now also be selected and configured in the Guitar Designer, our 3D guitar designing tool. So nothing's in the way of making a couple of beautiful Concert custom shop guitars!


Have a look at reviews and video content that we are going to gather here on this page

UK retailers

Have a look at our network of high profile guitar retailers in the UK! The place where you're in good hands.