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Looking for a Customshop model


You will know the problem: I need to try a guitar with a slightly wider neck, say 48mm at the nut. How do I find such a beast? Phone around to all the music shops? Call Lakewood? Will they even know where exactly such a guitar might be in stock?

Well yes, now we do!
But you don‘t need to phone us; now you can simply call up a list in comfort, on line, of all the available custom shop instruments with all their special details. You can filter the search by specifying those criteria which the required model should meet.

Please thank our Lakewood dealers, because it is only by their commitment that this availability of data has been enabled. By all means make contact with one of them should you want to source one of these special instruments.

Limit search
You can narrow your search down to certain "model features" if you are looking for available guitars in trade. The search works according to the AND principle: The search result will be more exact and spot on, the more features you pick at the same time. On the other hand, if you have too many specific features selected, the results will be limited very strongly, in worst case no result will be shown.
To look at all in the stores available models at once, don't limit your search at all.
Body shape:

Top wood:

Back & sides:



Neck width at nut: