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The price list you see here is an international reference price list, valid as of July 1st 2023. 
It contains all recommended retail prices (RRP) plus an overview of the most important characteristics of each model. To find an even more detailed table of specifications have a look at the detail pages of each guitar model. Here is a page with different additional approaches to find your personal guitar.
The Lakewood catalogue is also a good place to find info on the model composition in a rather pictured manner.

The prices of the new Edition Series 2024 are now also included in the price list.

Please note that we don't publish recommended retail prices in printed format or as PDF files for each country specifically. There is only one reference Euro price list you find here below.
The recommended retail prices for your country are converted by use of the current exchange rate to your specific currency. If you visit pages that show prices, they will appear either in your currency or - if we cannot identify your country - in US-Dollars or Euros.
Please also understand that the prices you see can vary slightly according to the movement of exchange rates. We are updating those rates on a weekly basis.

The price list also contains a list of all Customshop options and their upcharges. To calculate the specific price of a Customshop guitar, we however recommend using the Customshop Guitar-Designer. That 3D configuration application does the job for you and also makes sure you're not mistaken when putting all specifications together.
All Customshop prices are also converted to your currency according to the latest exchange rate.



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