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The Lakewood Guitar Designer


A new world of creativity

You are now on the path to the Guitar Designer, the heart of our Lakewood custom shop.
This is a 3D-Configuration tool with which a guitar design can be dynamically visualized. The basis is a 3D guitar which can be rotated and zoomed by way of the mouse. As you select different feature options or wood types, the guitar image is updated in real time by addition of the respective part or altering of the relevant surface accordingly. So you are able to visually follow each step of the creation and contemplate it at leisure.
The various feature options have been organized into convenient categories. You may combine everything at will; no boundaries to your creativity have been imposed. The Guitar Designer works dynamically and so has very few restrictions. This means that, with the exception certain practical aspects, which are displayed on the screen, you are completely free to enjoy an infinite range of possibilities.
Have fun!
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Load a saved design

There is a way of re-loading a previously saved guitar design back into the Guitar-Designer.
If you have saved a guitar design as a PDF file or via 6 digit order code, click on the link below.